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Materials Update: January 2019

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We’re back, it’s 2019 and we’re ready to kick off our stone-based ventures for another year!

In the first of our monthly Materials Updates of the year, we have 15 new blocks of stone to showcase. As usual, these materials have all come in over the last month and you can check the latest stock online here.

You can see images of all the materials below but I’ve also picked out a couple of pieces here, just to focus your eye on some of the most beautiful materials to have arrived.

To start with, the Arebescato Rose is a gorgeous marble, a true pleasure to have at the MGLW warehouse. A mixture of a soft, creamy salmon pink and tones of grey, which ranges from dark to very light in areas. The way the veining sits means both are balanced fairly evenly, contrasting to give a great mix of intensities. All of this results in a fantastic, bold looking stone, which is something that is quite rare amongst softer coloured materials.

Speaking of softer coloured stone, another outstanding material this month has been the Blue Calcite. Yes, this is a less intense material in some ways but it is no less stunning for it. Whenever we get a new block of Blue Calcite through our doors, it is always a marble I admire. It’s a natural stone that encapsulates the term ‘natural’, it’s pattern here reminiscent of stormy waters, with foamy whites and deep blues. Utilized in a single piece design, keeping the slab together, it would undoubtedly make an incredible feature.

As promised, you can see all of our other arrivals below.

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If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to contact us using the “Call Me Back” button.


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