MGLW - Marble, Granite, Limestone Warehouse

The beginning

MGLW was founded in 1990 by brothers João and Rogério Moutinho, after a long period of acknowledging how to give something Portuguese to the world, Stone was their focus, and what a better place than London to expand their vision.

Over the past 30 years the company has always kept pace with changes in the stone market by regularly updating its range of natural and engineered products.

Today MGLW is the largest stone warehouse in central London, an industry leader expertly sourcing materials from all over the world to offer customers the best possible solution to their stone needs.

MGLW - Marble, Granite, Limestone Warehouse

What makes MGLW different?

Our team.

Our team supported us almost as long as the company was founded, creating almost a family bound between us, and surely this has been felt by our customers.

MGLW - Marble, Granite, Limestone Warehouse

Leading Materiais

Our range of natural stone includes marble, limestone, granite, slate and onyx among others. We travel the world visiting quarries, inspecting and selecting stone for stock and special orders, and constantly discovering new materials to suit changing tastes and technical requirements in construction and interior design.

In line with technological developments in the world of surfaces we have also made engineered stone a great part of our business. Engineered quartz products and have more recently added porcelain slabs to our range.

With slabs measuring 3200x1500mm, in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm thicknesses, engineered porcelain offers stunning imitations of natural marble as well as of other materials such as concrete or wood, but with technical specifications that make this product suitable for almost every purpose, glazed lava stone for highly resistant unique surfaces.

For a truly distinctive effect we offer semiprecious stone in veneer or solid form either in slabs or cut to size, giving almost endless possibilities in colour and pattern.

MGLW - Marble, Granite, Limestone Warehouse

Other Milestones

In 2019 MGLW opens in the north of Portugal another abroad warehouse, to gather even more stock, and to give our foreign customers an even more quick way to get the materials of their needs, particular the ones outside Europe, (Asia, North and South America, Middle East, Africa)

Later the same year, MGLW created it´s own brand of adhesives “MGLA” giving our customers three special models, BASIC, FLEX, FAST.

MGLW - Marble, Granite, Limestone Warehouse


MGLW continues to expand the roster of materials in 2020 as we become exclusive distributors of Glaskeramik and Vetrazzo, joining our existing brands, Compac, Lapyc, Neolith and Albion Stone.

Our customers include architects, designers, stonemasons, developers and building contractors, as well as end users themselves. All are welcome to see our materials first-hand in our no-frills warehouse where stone speaks for itself.