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  • Stone Focus: Feeling Wonderfully Beige

    Now, why is it that beige and creams have a reputation for being dull colours to decorate in? Well in natural stone, you will find some of the most beautiful and fascinating materials have elements of these colours in them, which brings me to the three materials we are going to look at this week. …

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  • Materials Update: Frightfully Fabulous

    Get ready for a frightfully fabulous Halloween materials update. This month we have had no less than 24 new blocks arrive at the warehouse, you can see them all below and if you want a closer look, we have already featured some in the Stone Focus, here on our blog. Some of the stand out …

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  • Stone Focus: Marble in Monochrome

    In this edition of the Stone Focus we are looking at a selection of marble that are the epitome of sophistication. Black and white are two colours that can always make a design look modern. Here are three monochrome stone surfaces with which you can’t go wrong. Arabescato VagliMarble 1 Arabescato has that classic, Italian …

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  • Stone Focus: Simply Marbleous

    Let’s be honest, when it comes to natural stone, nothing beats a good marble. It’s long since been the favourite of budding designers and architects worldwide, aiming to inject a touch of class and beauty into their interiors. It’ a good job then, that we are bringing you three more gorgeous marble surfaces this week …

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  • Stone Focus: Blossoming Interiors

    We have three more marbles featured in this week’s Stone Focus and I don’t think you will be able to argue with the quality on show. We have some strong patterns and some beautiful colours, so read on and soak them all in. Fior Di PescoMarble 1 With a name that translates as Peach Blossom, …

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  • Materials Update: Surge In Stone

    We are bringing you a HUGE September Materials Update this week. Over the last couple of months, we have had a long list of different materials arrive at the MGLW warehouse and you can see them all in one place here. We have already shown a lot of these surfaces off, of course, in our …

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  • Stone Focus: Blue or Gold

    Don’t worry, this isn’t another article about that controversial dress that became an internet phenomenon in 2015. It’s time for a bit of stone bling in this edition of Stone Focus, as we look at some golden limestone, the Antique Gold and some beautiful blue marble in the Calcita Blue, along with the impressive Blue Mare …

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  • Stone Focus: A Natural World

    Here we take a look at three natural stone surfaces that will not fail to impress. Inspired by the natural world, we feature Splendor White granite, Verde India marble and Silver Brown Travertine. Silver Brown – Vein CutTravertine 1 This is a beautiful travertine surface that combines the brown and creams that are so typically seen …

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  • Stone Focus: Contrasting Marble

    Three more marbles feature in this week’s stone focus and once again we are able to see just how much contrast there can be between different materials. See our Black Marquina, Calacatta Bluette and Grigio Billiemi in all their glory below. Black MarquinaMarble 1 The Black Marquina, or Nero Marquina, is a classic looking marble …

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  • Stone Focus: Some Surface Variety

    A real mix of materials for you this week. They say that variety is the spice of life and, in an attempt to provide some of that spicy variety, we are looking at the limestone Belgian Fossil, granite San Francisco and marble Marron Imperial. Belgian FossilLimestone 1 The Belgian Fossil is an impressive limestone, with an …

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