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  • Stone Focus: Intrinsic Qualities

    Fast climbing our way up the ladder of seasons, into the Autumn once again. As the leaves fall in London, we are going to be looking at a few fairly Autumnal feeling surfaces here. If you like any, as always, drop us a quick message and after you do that, you can browse our other …

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  • Stone Focus: A Work of Art

    Diving into two Marble surfaces this week, along with another eye-catching Quartzite. If you haven’t taken a look already, you can also see all of the latest materials to arrive in the last month in our October update. Now, let’s begin! Bianco Calcite Marble The Bianco Calcite (White Calcite) is a gorgeous white Marble, originating …

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  • Stone Focus: A Chocolate Dream

    Stone contains such a wide variety of textures and patterns and it’s a good job too, as it makes designing, decorating and renovating a lot more invigorating! The following surfaces are definitely in this category, being a perfect sample of the variety of patterns and colour available. Eramosa Marble Eramosa is a gorgeous chocolate and …

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  • Stone Focus: Chaotic, Edgy and Something Special

    This edition focuses on three more marvelous marble surfaces. It is easy to overlook the incredible variety within a single category of stone but here we have three very different surfaces in their patterns, colour and affect. Emperador Light Marble The Emperador Light is a soft brown marble with very fine, busy veining. The lighter …

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  • Materials Update: September 2018

    Goodbye Summer, Autumn here we come! Not a huge update for you this month as, due to the general holiday period across Europe throughout August, we haven’t had a great deal of shipments coming in. However, what we did get was exquisite enough that you will be glad you took the time to read this, …

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  • More Top Summer Stone

    Jura Beige Limestone Much like our last post exploring stone for the Summer, we like the look of light, creamy stone for this time of year. Staying along these lines, the Jura Beige is a great looking limestone that provides an injection of bright colour. You can see in the surface of this material a …

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  • Stone Focus: A Forest Haven

    This Summer in the UK has definitely been one to remember so far, with the weather being the hottest in at least 15 years. This, of course, has been fantastic for those of us who choose to holiday in the UK, with more and more families staying put, rather than flying off to foreign shores …

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  • Stone Focus: Set In Stone

    In this edition of the Stone Focus we are bringing you three more refreshing stone surfaces to have arrived in the warehouse recently. This includes an incredibly versatile Limestone in the Belgian Fossil and two stunning marbles in the Bianco Fantastico and Calacatta Lincoln. Belgian Fossil Limestone 1 This is a very special limestone not …

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  • 3 Top Stones for the Summer

    Branco de Mos Limestone This simple and elegant limestone provides that clean, simple and fresh base for your summer makeover. A fine-grained limestone, the slightly darker colouration of some of elements give the pattern some movement which works well, especially in larger pieces. Combined with a plain white, the Branco de Mos has been used …

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  • Stone Focus: Beautifully Warm Interiors

    In this edition of the Stone Focus we are looking at some warm tones to go with the extremely warm weather we are currently having here in London, no matter how fleeting it might be! You’ll all be aware of the dull, lifeless use of magnolia paint often used as a neutral, base colour for …

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