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  • Stone Focus: Dramatically Decorative

    As rock forms in nature, the variation in minerals present, as well as other chemical characteristics, determine the type of stone produced and the colourations achieved. There are so many different varieties, some more extravagant and exotic than others, which makes this medium such a rich source of inspiration for creative minds. This week we …

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  • Stone Focus: Going With The Grain

    This week we are focusing in on some materials that are prominently grainy in appearance, giving them a rough and rugged look that could be ideal for exterior decoration, as well as for adding a true natural element to any design. Bianco Antico Granite 1 In a previous post, this granite was described as a …

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  • Stone Focus: In The Veins

    Taking a closer look at three more materials this week in Stone Focus, we have two marbles and a quartzite for you to admire. These are all stone surfaces that contain strong veining as part of their character and that truly stand out as a result. You can also find out about the 18 new …

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  • Stone Focus: Wild and Wonderful

    There was no Stone Focus last week, with our Kitchen Special taking centre stage but don’t despair, we are back this week with three more fabulous stone surfaces for you to sink your clicks into. Fior Di Bosco Marble 1 Translating directly as “Wild Flowers” this Italian Marble is comprised of subtle variations of grey, …

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  • Stone Kitchen Ideas

    When replacing kitchen worktops or looking at installing a new kitchen entirely, there are a plethora of options available and it can be confusing which you should choose. With technology advancing and new and improved surfaces being released, there are a lot of factors used to try and justify the best surface. This along with …

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  • Stone Focus: Pastel Palette

    After the snow last week, here in London, it may be hard to believe we are just two weeks from the official start of Spring. With this in mind, this week I thought we could look at three pastel coloured stones, to enhance the natural blossoming tones of this time of year. Coast Green Granite …

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  • Stone Focus: Cosmic Art

    It has been a busy 2018 already at the MGLW warehouse. With the Winter Olympics currently drawing attention from all over the world, I will now attempt to alley-oop over our recent materials, for a spin around a few of the most spectacular front runners. That concludes the winter sports terminology for this week, now …

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  • Decorate Like Saint Valentine

    The language of love is a complicated one. Many hapless individuals will be attempting to woo their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, some more successfully than others. Luckily, that’s where we come in, it turns out stone can be the secret to all your romantic endeavors! Read on to discover how to set the proper …

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  • Stone Focus: Bright and Beautiful

    The days are getting longer in London, as we find ourselves in the latter half of January. This week I thought we could look at a few materials that reflect that feeling of everything getting lighter and brighter again, even if it can get a bit frosty. Three very bright and beautiful marble surfaces coming …

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  • Stone Focus: Laying Foundations

    2018 is well under way now and we are all looking forward to the resolutions we have made and, let’s face it, how quickly they will fall by the wayside. Luckily, if one of your resolutions is to start that home improvement project that you have been meaning to, we have plenty of inspiration to …

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